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Gender: M
Location: St. Louis
State: Missouri
Country: United States

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'Flu Shot Irony' The last Wolverine movie was depressing.  3/3/2019 10:40:11 AM
'Playing Gene Simon’s Guitar' Now In want to do some more touristy things. 

Maybe post sbout them and get back into a diary. 

I mostly wanted to say Thank You.  I'm glad to see this site is still here and active. It's a comfort just to browse.
 3/3/2018 12:13:32 PM
'She's a big fan of Captain Morgan' That note was from me. ^  2/15/2018 12:58:12 PM
'She's a big fan of Captain Morgan' Awww...That is awesome!

My husband & I stayed home, but he cooked for me--amazing shrimp Alfredo in a bread bowl & chocolate-covered strawberries.
 2/15/2018 12:47:40 PM
'OpenDiary Relaunching?' Maybe I should come in here more than once a year...I'll work on that and have zero desire to blog elsewhere.
I will always be appreciative of the hard work you did there and here!
 12/23/2017 7:27:29 PM
'OpenDiary Relaunching?' ryn: it was a long time ago and if I hadn't been so busy and assumed everyone else was having the same problem I would have been a good community member and said something about it. It was sometime shortly after January 2016. Site only seems slow now when logging in.  Also I had no idea about this od relaunch. I remember how you were the only one doing anything at the end of OD and I don't know what to think of this.   12/8/2017 12:33:57 AM
'OpenDiary Relaunching?' Aloha...
When O.D. went under... you were the lifeboat that rescued a lot of us...
Says a lot for your character...!
Aloha oe...
 11/18/2017 6:03:27 PM
'OpenDiary Relaunching?' That last comment was mine xD.
Clearly want signed in.

I know I haven't used this site much,  but I still appreciate That you will keep it running ^^
 11/6/2017 5:12:03 PM
'OpenDiary Relaunching?' That almost seems rude. That he didn't contact you. 

I don't think id go back after the way it went down,  personally. 
 11/6/2017 5:08:35 PM
'OpenDiary Relaunching?' I'm staying here.  This is my roleplay diary, but I also have a real-life one as well. :)  10/21/2017 6:26:01 PM
'OpenDiary Relaunching?' Yeah..  You volunteered your ass off for the guy and dealt with the users' problems as the thing fell apart.  Do you still keep in touch with X?  Or was he like the Cheshire Cat, fading outand leaving nothing but his name?
 10/21/2017 5:09:29 PM
'OpenDiary Relaunching?' I dunno, I like it here.  10/20/2017 2:57:10 PM
'Chili From Hell' RYN: Glad you're still around. :-) Thanks for the advice. I wish this site was faster; I'd hang around more. Everything takes forever to load; I don't know why.  7/28/2017 10:58:46 AM
'Chili From Hell' I gotta say this thing runs fast while I'm the only one using it.    4/9/2017 12:29:22 PM
'Chili From Hell' I'm glad your chili didn't cause any injuries.
 4/4/2017 12:43:17 PM
'Login Button is Unresponsive' Aloha nui loa...
Hope things are well with you and your familly...
Aloha oe..........
 3/23/2017 3:56:39 PM
'Login Button is Unresponsive' All I can say is Thank You... Thank you for bringing OD back to life..  :)  * ewsentinel.com *  2/13/2017 10:12:33 AM
'Login Button is Unresponsive' I didn't know there was a login button.
 12/5/2016 12:00:59 PM
'Thanksgiving Magic' Happy Thanksgiving.  We did our turkey day last Sunday.  Love the kids' in-laws.  Sorry about yours.  Hang in there.  :-)  11/22/2016 8:07:00 PM
'Thanksgiving Magic' If you have to pray, perhaps you could sneak in a, "Lead us not into Trumptation."  11/22/2016 7:57:11 PM
'Thanksgiving Magic' Happy Thanksgiving.  All will be well in the end, and if it is not well, then it is not the end.  ( favorite quote from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)

I be celebrating alone...just like I like it.  :)
 11/22/2016 5:20:13 PM
'Thanksgiving Magic' Happy Thanksgiving!  Good luck with the relatives.  11/22/2016 1:18:04 PM
'Server Update' Um, gotcha.  Thank you.  11/17/2016 12:32:35 AM
'Server Update' Old MacDonald had a Cloud.  Ee eye ee eye Oh.  11/16/2016 4:25:27 PM
'test' 248  10/19/2016 11:02:32 AM
'Test Entry' Test note.  9/27/2016 10:45:25 AM
'High Five Myself No Friends' I haven't been around for a while, but I can relate with your feelings about your son. Kids! What can you do. Outside of hiring somebody to go smack them upside the head, I mean.  7/9/2016 8:36:01 AM
'High Five Myself No Friends' We get to a certain age that it seems like the friends have all gotten involved somewhere else.    7/6/2016 3:49:58 PM
'High Five Myself No Friends' My son calls me on 3 days a year!  Mother's Day, Christmas and my birthday which is a week after Christmas.  It is a good thing he lives on the other side of the country.  I use that to excuse his insensitivity.  I hope you can wriggle a way to get to see that grandchild.  Next time you come to Vegas you and wife can hang out.  :-)  6/23/2016 7:46:37 PM
'High Five Myself No Friends' Hey!  I'm still hangin' round.  I'd come see ya, but I'm flying out of Little Rock instead of St. Louis this time.

Congrats on the new home!

Oh, and, boys...I'm hoping it just takes a little longer for them (like my son) to grow a brain.  :)
 6/23/2016 12:47:38 PM