Zephyr Nolan
Age: 19
Gender: F
Location: Lost in the Desert
State: Arizona
Country: United States

Diary Contents
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Crazy 11/23/2018 8:18:01 PM
<< Impossible  >>
“So what’s dinner tonight?” Loki asked, leaning back on Zephyr’s bed, the teen sitting at the table beside it.

The demigoddess let out a slight laugh, looking over at the God of Mischief. “Well,” she began, “it’s usually leftover Thanksgiving dinner, but...” a slight smirk slipped onto her lips, “we don’t seem to have any leftovers this year.”

A grin spread over the dark haired man’s lips, “is it my fault it was delicious?”

“Suppose not,” Zephyr returned, leaning over in her chair to rest her torso on the bed. “I would say we could order in, but,” she rolled her eyes slightly, “living in the middle of the desert does have some disadvantages.”

“So why don’t we head into town, find somethi...”

“Oh Gods no!” Sapphire eyes grew wide, the demigoddess nearly falling to the floor in her attempt to sit up and protest. “Do you know what is out there? Of course you don’t! It’s crazy!” She shook her head, “there is nothing that is going to get me out of the house on Black Friday!”

“Black Friday?” Loki raised a brow, looking at the frantic girl before him.

Recovering slightly, she sat down on the edge of the bed, “it’s when all the crazed lunatics leave the house in search of holiday sales. Looking for the best deals, thinking they are going to find them, at any cost! People have mauled others in their efforts to shop and get the things they want at what they are hoping are just as insane low prices.”

“So,” he looked at her skeptically, “you are hiding from shopping?” The demigoddess nodded. “And where is your mother?”

Zee chewed on her bottom lip for a moment, “out...Shopping with Aunt Elizabeth...And the rest of the crazies.”

Loki chuckled slightly, “so,” that charming grin of his slipped into place, as he pulled Zephyr close to him, and her phone from it’s place on her desk, “you can call, and ask your dear mother to bring us poor starving divines some food.”

Retrieving her phone from the god, a laugh of her own escaping, Zephyr’s purple hair shook with her head. “You are crazy too.”

“Crazy about you,” he returned. “And maybe some Chinese food.”
<< Impossible  >>

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Readers Choice
*giggles* You two are so cute.  "Ordering in" Chinese food is definitely the way to go.

I can tell you one thing, Black Friday shopping in New York has to be the craziest. *laughs*  And to think that is the crowds my mother used to risk her life in every year. *shakes head*  Our moms are both nuts.
11/23/2018 8:36:52 PM