Zephyr Nolan
Age: 19
Gender: F
Location: Lost in the Desert
State: Arizona
Country: United States

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Mean Girls 9/24/2018 7:05:05 PM
<< Fight the Good Fight Impossible >>
[A week ago...]

Zephyr and Aurora sat at the lunch table, enjoying the break before their last class of the day, when a shadow fell across them. Looking up, the younger demigoddess frowned, recognizing instantly the visages of the four girls who excelled in tormenting anyone they deemed to be beneath them, which was pretty much everyone.

“Guessing not friends of yours,” Aurora sneered, taking note of her cousin’s reaction.

“Like we’d slum,” one of the girls in the back commented.

“Aura,” Zephyr began, “may I introduce Ashley, Nicole, Sarah and Andrea. They fancy themselves at the top of the food chain.

“Higher than a little scavenger like you,” another of the girls hissed.

“Anyway,” Zee continued, with an eye roll, “Bimbettes, my cousin Aura.”

“And does she suffer from delusions of grandeur too?” The one who seemed to be the pack leader questioned.

“Delusions of grandeur?” Aura returned, brow raised.

“She was there, in elementary school, when I announced who my father is,” Zee explained. Aura nodded in understanding. Not many were willing to place actual belief in the Gods of Old. “Anyway,” the demigoddess returned, “to what displeasure do we owe your visit to our humble table?”

“Oh,” The girl snickered, “just wanted to come and comment on your new look.” She smirked at the black eye that Zee sported.

“Oh yeah,” another girl nodded, “honestly you have never looked better.”

Trying to keep her breathing even, Zephyr’s fingers wrapped absently mindedly around her pendent. While she was more than willing to let her temper fly at Avenger’s headquarters, the school cafeteria was not a place to let loose.  “Zee,” Aura hissed, nudging her cousin, whose eyes widened when she realized what she had been doing, and she quickly dropped the silver-toned rectangle.

“Really,” one of the girl’s spoke again, “who can we thank for being you stylist?”

As the demigoddess opened her mouth the respond, the loud speaker crackled, “Zephyr Nolan to the office, Zephyr Nolan, to the principal’s office.” Blue eyes met gold, a slight panic shining between them. ‘You don’t think,’ Zee mouthed silently. Aurora replying ‘I don’t know.’ And ushering her to go and find out. If nothing else, it disrupted the annoyance of the girls who had clustered around their table.

Zephyr slowly made her way from the cafeteria to the office, unsure of what was awaiting her when she arrived. Peeking her head inside the door, she seen the principal seated at her desk. “You wanted to see me?”

Standing, the woman pointed to the area obscured by the currently open door. “This gentleman insists he knows you, and wanted to speak with you.”

Closing the door, and turning slightly, the demigoddess teeth bit into her lower lip, as she offered up a shy smile, which faded quickly when she noted the not pleased look on Loki’s face. “What has happened to you?” Reaching out, he placed a gentle hand under the darkly bruised eye.

“A bit of a scrap is all,” Zephyr offered up, a small smile trying to reemerge.

“Who do I have to destroy?”

Zee couldn’t help the laugh that escaped, “it’s been taken care of, really.” She wrapped her fingers around his. “We took a vote, he looks worse, so I win.”

“He?” Loki raised a brow in question.

“I kind of started it,” she returned, blue eyes looking deeply into green. “So no retaliation. Please, for me?”

“For you,” he returned, “this once.”

The principal coughed in the background, reminding the two of her presence. “I’m not sure this is the proper place for...”

“No, of course not,” Zee shook her head. “We will, take this outside, if you don’t mind.”

“Just don’t be late to your next class,” the woman responded.

“No, of course not,” the demigoddess returned, exiting the room quickly, leading Loki behind her, and out through the nearby doors. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to...I...”

Loki’s hands wrapped around hers as he stood before her. “But you did.”

A sigh escaped her lips, a smile slipping into place, as the God of Mischief once lifted his hand to her face, this time examining the bruise, and remnants of the cut above her eyebrow. “You don’t heal.”

“I do,” Zephyr returned, “it just, you know, takes the normal amount of time. Half mortal you know,” she offered up with a slight laugh. Leaning in, his lips brushed against bruise. “It tickles.” She then blinked, realizing she felt the sensation in places other than her head. Stepping back slightly she pushed up her sleeve in time to watch the remnants of the cut and burn on her arm shimmer into non-existence. “You can do that?”

A slight chuckle escaped the man before her, “a gift. I cannot bear to see you so bruised.”

“Thank you,” she smiled up at him, “will definitely infuriate the bimbettes, so an additional benefit.”


Stepping into him, she rest her head against his chest. “Kind of the reason you are here,” she returned, letting a rush of air out, “some less than stellar girls, who love to plague pretty much everyone. I just happen to be a favored target.” Looking up, her eyes caught his again, and the concern in his were evident. “They are harmless, really, just aggravating. Sometimes it’s hard to keep my temper in check. I can’t exactly afford to let it get out of control here though. Probably why I’ve caused more than my fair share of upsets while in New York.”

“Anything to keep them on their toes,” he brushed some purple strands from her face. “I do suppose,” he sighed, a slight frown slipping in place, “you still have a class if I heard correctly.”

Zephyr nodded, reluctantly, “I do.”

“Then, until next time,” he smiled slightly, “do try and stay out of trouble.”

“I’m dating the God of Mischief,” she returned, “trouble is kind of my thing.”

Leaning in, he kissed her temple, “then we shall find some mischief together, soon.”

“I’d like that.” Another soft brush of his lips on her skin, and he vanished. A sigh escaped the demigoddess lips, “definitely have to find some time for that.” Taking a breath, she steadied herself, returning to the school.

Just inside the door, she found her cousin pacing before the office doors. “Zee! I thought,” she looked back towards the office, then to her cousin.

“I was,” Zee, returned, her fingers brushed her pendant, “and so was your brother.”

“Oh Gods,” Aurora’s eyes widened slightly.

“It’s okay,” Zee nodded, “It was a nice break in the day.”

Gold eyes narrowed at her cousin, as she tilted her head, reaching out to examine her cousin’s features. “Zee, your black eye.”

“Your brother,” she returned, “he is, something else.”
<< Fight the Good Fight Impossible >>

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Readers Choice
*rolls eyes* Seriously, they bore me. *fake yawn*  Next time they bother you, I will put them in their place the old-fashioned way. *smirks*

*smiles* I'm glad Loki was here for you.  No doubt a much needed respite.  And the healing touches, too. *winks*

Just think, no holds barred come Homecoming. *grins*  Those girls won't know what to think.
9/24/2018 7:25:58 PM
ryn:  That, and I think all the lunch dates with Aunt Chloe is something she missed more than she'll ever admit. *smiles*

*nods* Definitely think on it.  The daughters of Zeus & Hades against the four groupies...They don't stand a chance.  Thanks to Thor & Loki, people are catching on about gods & myths. *flashes another grin*
9/25/2018 6:48:00 PM