Zephyr Nolan
Age: 19
Gender: F
Location: Lost in the Desert
State: Arizona
Country: United States

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Fight the Good Fight 9/15/2018 5:23:25 PM
<< Wouldn't have you any other way Mean Girls >>
Zephyr and Hawkeye stumbled through the doorway into the common area, laughing, both of them looking rather beat up, covered in bruises and smeared blood. “And then,” Clint made a motion of something hitting him the chest, “those boots.”

“I like these boots,” Zee, returned, “that move with the dagger though,” she moved her arm up, glancing at a cut and a burn.

“But you were quick,” Clint continued, “cauterizing it like you did.”

“Um...” Natalia was the first to make a sound, as everyone’s eyes fell on the duo, “what happened to the two of you?”

Zee and Hawkeye glanced at each other, then to the assembled group. “Please tell me the other guys look worse,” Bruce looked at the demigoddess with concern.

“Well,” she began, nervously clenching her teeth

Hawkeye snickered slightly, “that depends on which of us you think looks worse.”

“What?” Bruce’s eyes widened in further concern.

“Oh, they did this to each other,” Tony absently waved at the duo.

The two glanced at each other, then back at Tony, “you know?”

“ J.A.R.V.I.S informed me of what was going on, watched it on the big screen,” he held up a bowl, “I made popcorn.”

                                               ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ EARLIER ~+~ ~+~ ~+~

Zephyr stood at the doorway to the training room. “Surprised to see you down here,” Clint commented to her as he walked past, into the room.


“Banner doesn’t usually come down here,” Hawkeye returned, “don’t you usually hang out with him?”

“I do,” the demigoddess began, “Uncle Bruce is supportive, where some...” She eyed him carefully, “may not be so much.”

“You talking about that little announcement you made?” The man’s distaste was evident.

“Oh yes,” she returned, stepping into the room herself, “my announcement,” she eyed him once more as she circled around him. “You didn’t appreciate it much more than Spangles did, did you?”

Hawkeye eyed her carefully as she moved around him, “can’t say that I did.”

“You should feel honored,” Zephyr spoke in deliberate, leveled tones,  “he said you had a good heart.”

“What did you just say?” Clint’s eyes narrowed at the girl.

A slight smirk slipped into place upon the demigoddess’s lips, “I think you know exactly what I said.”

“You might want to tread careful little girl,” he bit back, “Tony and Bruce aren’t here to keep you out of trouble.”

“I don’t need them to keep me out of trouble,” Zephyr returned.

“That boyfriend of yours isn’t here either.”

Smiling, she lifted up her pendant, “he could be. Wouldn’t take but an instant.” Hawkeye made a move to grab the chain, in response the demigoddess stepped back, drawing her lightning bolt daggers.

“Game on,” Hawkeye growled before drawing his own daggers.

With a flick of her wrist, Zephyr sent a crackling bolt of lightning past Hawkeye’s head, a snicker following, as she was egging on the man to make an actual attack. His response was to lunge forward, then sweep her feet out from under her, causing the demigoddess to hit the ground, figuring she would give up. Instead, the teen pushed herself back up to her feet, making a swing with her daggers, that he reflected with his own.

Slipping around, Zee slipped her foot between his legs, while reaching back and giving him a push. A miscalculation sent them both sprawling across the floor, forcing them to scramble back to their feet, preparing a potentially needed counter attack. Sparks flew, as well as fists and feet, the demigoddess cutting off Hawkeye’s intended path towards where he had left his bow sitting several times.

Spinning around, Clint reached out with his dagger, the metal actually finding it’s mark, slicing into Zephyr’s upper arm. Clenching her teeth, her eyes flashed, while blood was starting to slip from the wound, the demigoddess charged up her own dagger, then pressed it into her flesh, closing the gash. In further response, the demigoddess charged, dropped down at the last minute and slipped between his legs, what was suppose to be an attack from behind, became one from the front when Hawkeye turned quicker than she expected, and her kick upwards planted square in his chest, sending him tumbling backwards.

Recovering, they charged at each other once more, bladed strikes deflected, they both managed to connect with a backhand, shaking them away from each other. They continued this way, each occasionally landing a telling blow. Once more they lunged towards each other, colliding, the action knocked both of them back, landing hard and out of breath on the floor. “How about we call it a draw,” Hawkeye finally managed through ragged breath.

Zephyr snickered, as she sat up, “for now.”  After finally making it back to his feet, Hawkeye retrieved his bow.  “You any good with that?” The demigoddess asked with a smirk.

“They don’t call me Hawkeye for nothing.”

Zephyr raised a brow, “round two?”

“Oh? You think so little girl?”

Finishing finding her way to her feet, Zephyr selected a bow from the wall, turning to face Clint. “Ready when you are.”

The two took turns, shooting arrows and running up the bulls-eyes. “Okay, I’ll admit, you aren’t bad.”

“Ever hear of Robin Hood?” Zephyr eyed him carefully.

“You going to tell me you know him too?”

“Naw,” she shook her head, “he’s a myth that is actually a myth.” She then indicated it was his turn to fire. No sooner had he let an arrow go, she quickly followed it with one of hers. Hawkeye’s arrow his dead center of the target, Zephyr’s followed, splitting his arrows shaft in two. “Heard of Artemis?”

“Greek goddess of the Hunt,” Clint nodded.

“An expert with a bow,” Zee added, “and my favorite half-sister,” she finished with a smirk.

“Of course,” he nodded, “and the fighting?”

“While Heph is my favorite brother,” Zephyr began in way of explanation, “I do get along with Hercules, most of the time.”

Clint shook his head, harnessing his bow and shaking his head, “I was set up. That’s all there was to it.”

With a laugh, Zephyr followed him out of the room, as the two continued their conversation.

                                           ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ PRESENT ~+~ ~+~ ~+~

“What are you going to tell Aunt Chloe?” Aurora asked, as she was gingerly tending to a cut above her cousin’s eye. She shook her head, “Zee, this is going to bruise.”

“You gave her a black eye,” Bruce looked at him incredulously.

Hawkeye pointed at his own face, “I’ve got a shiner of my own. Glad to see your concern.”

“But...But...But...” Bruce buried his hands in his face.

“Think he might be more concerned about what her boyfriend is going to do to you,” Nat returned matter of factly. “In case you’ve forgotten.”

Zephyr snickered as a moment of alarm passed over Clint’s features. “Don’t worry, I’ll remind him you have a good heart,” the demigoddess slipped into a fit of laughter.

“That’s what started this in the first place,” he sputtered.

Finally reigning in her laughter, Zephyr shook her head, “no worries, on the account of my mother,” she smiled at Aurora, “or Loki.” She shook he head, wincing slightly. “Mom has seen me worse, believe it or not. And,” she took in a deep breath, and let it slip out in a rush, “I’ll figure out how to deal with Loki.”

“He’s going to come for me.” Bruce shook his head slightly, remembering the conversation they had when he’d taken Zephyr to Central Park.

“I don’t think you have too much to worry about Uncle Bruce, remember?” She followed it up with a swinging back and forth motion, “puny god,” she finished with a snicker.

“He told you about that?” The man looked surprise.

Zee shrugged in return, “we all hear stories on occasion.”

“Come on,” Aurora tugged on her cousin’s arm, “let’s go finish getting you cleaned up. You look a mess.”
<< Wouldn't have you any other way Mean Girls >>

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Readers Choice
*laughs* *shakes head* I think the training room sees more than its fair share.  Clint should've at least taken you out to dinner first. *snickers*

I would say I hope Loki doesn't ban you from ever coming back, but I think he knows better. *munches on the popcorn*  Round three? *smirks*  You're headstrong, but we wouldn't have you any other way. *grins*
9/15/2018 5:50:08 PM
ryn:  *hugs tightly back* Thank you, for showing up when you did.  I have no remorse for what you did, or what you would've done.  I...I just gotta chill it with the self-blame, I suppose, because you're right.  Thankfully, none of us have to deal with him again.

*giggles* Barton has some nerve.

*smiles* Snuggling with Bucky is the best.
9/17/2018 6:45:52 PM
ryn:  *nods* At least half of those we hang out with are clueless. *laughs*  Some of them don't even know what delicious food they're missing out on!

The workouts have been nice.  And it's not like I don't benefit from the training.

Breakfast might be awkward tomorrow morning...Then when I return home...And...Yeah.  Bucky may have been a little overzealous. *giggles*
9/22/2018 7:49:04 PM