Zephyr Nolan
Age: 19
Gender: F
Location: Lost in the Desert
State: Arizona
Country: United States

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Central Park 9/4/2018 7:25:53 PM
<< Complicated Wouldn't have you any other way >>
The trip from Avengers Tower to Central Park served to expel some of the demigoddess’s ire. Bruce doing his best to calm the teen, knowing that an anger Zephyr, with what was to come, could spell upheaval and disruption at best, a full out war at worst.

“Thanks for escorting me here,” Zephyr spoke, her voice finally finding an even tone.

“Don’t mention it,” Bruce returned.

Zephyr stopped, turning to stand before him. “No, really. It means a lot.”

“Well,” Bruce began again, “couldn’t exactly have you summoning him in the middle of Avenger’s headquarters.”

A slight smirk slipped onto the demigoddess’s lips, “I do suppose that would be a bad idea.” Clasping the pendant, all of her thoughts went to Loki.

“Is that it?”

Zephyr shrugged as she sat down on the nearby bench, “I don’t know. I’ve never used it before,” a frown took over her features. “What if he doesn’t come?”

“He’ll be here,” Bruce reassured her.

A moment hardly passed before the silence that had fallen between the two was dispelled. “Zephyr...Banner...” Loki had appeared, his usual attire shifting quickly to more fitting attire for their local. “Not a location I expected, or quite the company.”

“I’ll, um...Just be over here,” Bruce indicated another area of the park, giving the two some privacy.

Standing up, Zephyr managed a smile for the man before her, “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.”

Loki shook his head, then reached out to brush purple strands of hair from her face, noticing her eyes were slightly red, “what has happened,” he glanced over to where Bruce was doing his best to remain inconspicuous.

“Don’t be mad at him,” Zephyr interjected. “He brought me here, away from everyone else, so I could summon you. And...” she let out a slight laugh, “talked me down from a major bout of rage.”

“Well,” Loki chuckled softly, “there has to be some irony in that.” Leaning in he placed a kiss on her temple, then whispered. “So tell me, where should my anger be placed?”

The demigoddess couldn’t help the laugh that escaped, “nowhere, honest.” She looked up at him. “Someone did something, a bit under handed, and wasn’t very good at keeping it secret.” The God of Mischief raised a brow, his look indicating he would push for answers if they weren’t offered up on their own. “Captain Popsicle decided to take it upon himself to run background checks on Aura and I. To make sure we are who we say we are.” She shuffled her feet a bit, “I kind of pulled my bolts on him.”

An amused grin settled on the Trickster’s lips, “can’t say I blame you.”

“Uncle Bruce says he’ll apologize, given the chance.”

“Uncle....” Loki emphasized the word as he said it, causing Zephyr to laugh again. “Banner?” His brow furrowed.

Again the girl laughed. “He’s been, encouraging,” sapphire eyes met emerald. “He actually encouraged me to follow my heart.”

“Did he know where it was leading?” His answer was a nod from the demigoddess. “Banner,” Loki called over to where the other man paced. Looking up Bruce pointed at himself, causing the Trickster to have to subdue an eye roll. “Yes,” he returned evenly, waiting for the other man to return to where he and Zephyr stood. “In what is probably unbelievable to some, I was once charged with the care of a young demigoddess. You’ve met my sister.”  

Bruce nodded, wondering where this was going. “Yes, Aurora, she’s a...Nice girl.”

“I’ve been informed you have already been looking after another demigoddess.” His eyes flickered to Zephyr and back to Bruce. “You can do so, where I cannot. Do not disappoint me.”  

Bruce went to speak, but he seemed to struggle with just what to say. “I’m not sure how I’m suppose to take that?” He too glanced at Zephyr.

“Take it as a great honor,” Zephyr offered with a smirk, “he’s just asked you to watch out for me, in his own little way.”

“And make sure that refugee from a freezer finishes his apology, to her and Aurora as well.”

“I don’t want his apology,” Zee hissed, a scowl forming on her lips.

“You don’t have to accept it,” Loki returned, which elicited a smile from the demigoddess. “You should probably be getting back to Aura though,” his eyes softened, “as much as I’d love to take up all your time. I am sure she’s worried. After all, last time you were upset with someone, you ended up stealing cows.”

“Wait, what?” Bruce shook his head, confused.

“Apollo did something he shouldn’t have, Aura got caught in the middle of it,” Zephyr began, “it made me angry, and when I calmed down and had time to think...I stole six of his cows.”

“I’m never going to get use to this, am I?”

“Probably not,” the girl smirked.

Taking both her hands in his, Loki looked down at the demigoddess. “Take care of yourself. And my sister.” Zephyr nodded in return. Glancing sideways he looked at Bruce, “and you, when she can’t for herself.”

“Gods, it’s not as if I’ve actually stabbed anyone...Yet.”

“I’ll try,” Bruce returned, obviously slightly flustered.

“I’ll see you again soon,” Loki whispered, placing another kiss on her temple, before disappearing.

Zephyr let out a sigh. “Ready to head back?” Bruce asked, receiving a nod in answer. “What have I gotten myself into?” He asked absently as they headed for the park exit.
<< Complicated Wouldn't have you any other way >>

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Readers Choice
One day, I am certain Loki will be welcomed at Avengers Tower...Just not today. *laughs*  Seriously, though, Bruce is beyond awesome.  I'm glad he is so understanding.  You deserve that. *nods*

One day, too, perhaps, Spangles will stop being so righteous, nosy & know-it-all. *snickers*  I get it, he's the Captain, but we are not a threat.  Gods forbid I go out with his best friend.  Ya know, I wonder if there is any truth behind Stucky...At least on Cap's side of things. *falls over giggling*

*smiles* I love seeing you & Loki together.  You are good for each other.
9/4/2018 7:44:37 PM