Zephyr Nolan
Age: 19
Gender: F
Location: Lost in the Desert
State: Arizona
Country: United States

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<< I will come Central Park >>
“Hey Bruce, when did you get a dog?” Clint didn’t even stop to hear the answer as he passed through the lab.

The question did get Bruce to look up from his work, and down to the floor where a canine with bright blue eyes sat, staring up at him. “How did a coyote get into Avengers Tower?”

The coyote shimmered out of existence, replaced by Zephyr, “surprise! It’s me!”

Bruce regarded her for a moment before speaking, “does this mean things went well with...I mean...Seems like one of his...”

The demigoddess laughed, “he pointed out my own father is a shape shifter, and gave me a bit of a boost, to begin with. But,” she smiled, “it’s all me now.”

“I guess that’s good,” he returned, “and the other?”

Color tinged Zephyr’s cheeks, “he took me to Paris for dinner.”


“I wanted French food,” she offered up as way of explanation.

“How...Thoughtful,” Bruce furrowed his brow in thought.

“You still don’t know what to make of him, do you?”

“Well, he did try to take over New York,” he offered up as way of explanation.

A small frown flittered over the demigoddess features, “he was in a bad place. How much damage has...Um...” Her top teeth sunk into her bottom lip with the unfinished question.

“Point taken,” Bruce returned. “He’s done a lot of good too.”

“So has he,” Zephyr returned. “He’s saved Thor’s life. He’s letting him date Aura.” Bruce grimaced slightly, “guessing that means you’ve heard about the Bucky thing too.”

He nodded slightly, “it’s...Unconventional.”

“It makes them happy,” she shrugged, “and he knows about that as well.” Her eyes widened slightly, remembering her late night visit.

Bruce eyed her carefully, “and how did he take that?”

“Not well, at first, I’m guessing,” she continued. “Thor told him on his own. I just...” Her hand went to the pendant around her neck, “I got the worried visit about what it means for us.”


Zephyr allowed a smile to return to her lips, “I reassured him I’m a one being kind of girl.”

“Why are you two being so cryptic?” Tony’s voice from the doorway alerted them to his presence. “I’ve been listening to you two for the last 5 minutes, and it’s like you are purposely avoiding the use of names.”

Zephyr’s color rose again, “well, um...” She glanced over to Bruce and back to Tony. “It’s just...”

Tony raised up a hand to stop her floundering for her words, “it’s all good. So,” he continued, “how is Reindeer Games anyway?”

Eyes wide, Zee glanced over to Bruce, “how did he...?”

“Well, he is a genius,” Bruce offered up.

~+~   ~+~   ~+~   ~+~   ~+~   ~+~   ~+~   ~+~   ~+~   ~+~   ~+~   ~+~   ~+~   ~+~   ~+~  

Zephyr stretched as she woke, glancing around her new room. It felt weird, but with a few of her own touches, it would be a home away from home in no time. Although she did miss waking up next to Peyote, who was probably missing her as well, she would have to make it up to the coydog when she got home. Absently, her fingers closed around the charm around her neck, she would have to find some time for Loki as well. “Why does school have to be a thing?” The demigoddess mumbled as she sat up, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed.

After getting dressed and ready for the day, the demigoddess made her way from the floor she shared with Aurora to the common areas of the tower. “Morning Zephyr,” Bruce greeted her, to which he was answered with more of a groan than words.

“Not a morning person?” Tony smirked from where he was leaning against the bar.

“Genius,” the demigoddess muttered, as she made her way to the island in the center of the room, her eyes falling on a stack of file papers. Ordinarily she would have ignored them, but she spotted her and Aurora’s names on the little tabs. “What are these?” She asked, looking up and around the room, “what is this?” She questioned again, as she scooped up the files.

Steve made a couple steps towards the island, “files...On Aurora and yourself. I thought it was important...”

“You did what?” Zephyr’s words were echoed by Bruce, who was suddenly looking uncomfortable.  The demigoddess began flipping through the papers in her hands. “You went through our personal records. What gives you the right?”

“I had to confirm you were who you said...”

“What?” She hissed, “Spidey’s word not good enough for you?” Zephyr glanced around “anyone else?”  To which Bruce and Tony were quick to shake their heads no, leaving it all on Captain America’s shoulders.

“Something wrong?” Natasha asked as she and Hawkeye entered the kitchen, drawn in by the demigoddess’s raised voice. Bruce and Tony both made motions indicating it was not a good time to ask questions.

Zephyr on the other hand was still going strong, “did you learn anything interesting? Our father’s aren’t listed, did you expect that? Not exactly like someone can claim a god to be the father of their child and not get locked up.” She shook her head, flipping through some more papers, “they don’t have a list of our abilities either. Hell, we’re still learning! What about our love lives?” The demigoddess threw the files up in the air, causing a rain of paper. “Nope, tough out of luck. So, let me help you out on that front. You know Aura is dating Thor and Bucky. So, for the sake of transparency...”

“Zephyr,” Bruce made a step towards the demigoddess, “you don’t have...”

“I’m officially dating Loki Laufeyson. So there you go, have at it.” To punctuate her words she flicked her wrists, her lightning bolts slipping out from her sleeves into her hands, sparks already starting to arc.

Steve watched the papers settle, and the demigoddess’s rage increased. Her announcement unsettling to some, her daggers even more so. Tony whispered something to Bruce, to which the other man quickly stepped towards Zephyr. “Look,” Steve began, “it’s not every day that two young ladies show up, announcing they are the daughters of gods. You’ll have to forgive me if I was, suspicious.” He hung his head slightly, “it was wrong of me to go behind your backs, and dig into your personal records.”

“And I’m just suppose to...” The demigoddess’s words stopped as Bruce’s hands came to rest on her shoulders.

“Zee,” Bruce’s voice was barely above a whisper. “Not the place for weapons.”

Taking a deep breath, the demigoddess did her best to ground herself, letting the sparks dissipate, and allowing the man beside her to slip them from her grasps. “It’s none of his damn business...Any of it,” she whispered. “We came in truthful. Aura even said who her brother was...Yeah, on accident, because she knew it would be a sore spot.” Her hand instinctively went to her necklace.

“Not here,” Bruce whispered, as he pulled the girl close to him in a protective manner. Glancing up, he looked around the room. “I’m going to take Zephyr for a walk. I think some fresh air would do her some good.”
<< I will come Central Park >>

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*eyebrows raise* *whistles* I'm going to blame it on all the time we've been apart, but I don't think I've ever seen you so angry, Zee.  Rightfully so, I might add.  Spangles had no right.  I'm glad he was quick to realize his mistake. *scowls*

*smiles* Bruce, though...He seems to know you better than you know yourself.  I'm glad you have him as a mentor.  Perhaps, as we learn & grow into our abilities, it will be helpful that we have this place.  They are no strangers to powers, after all. *nods*

Well, the secret is out now. *laughs*  Hopefully, there won't be too much backlash. *hugs*
9/3/2018 8:17:25 PM Edited