Zephyr Nolan
Age: 19
Gender: F
Location: Lost in the Desert
State: Arizona
Country: United States

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I will come 8/31/2018 8:14:04 PM
<< Midnight in Paris Complicated  >>
While being use to Peyote’s weight shifting on the bed, as the coydog got up and down from the bed quite a bit, the weight that shifted behind her was certainly not her meat brick. Zephyr cautiously sat up, unsure what she was in store for. There, sitting on the edge of her bed, his back to her, wearing his green, black and gold armor, complete with golden horned helm, sat Loki, elbows resting on his knees, chin resting on this hands which were clasped together before him.

“Loki?” The demigoddess’s voice was barely more than a whisper, “is there something wrong?”

“Did you know? Of course you did,” he began, “she tells you everything. Me...” He paused for a moment before continuing. “How can he agree to such a thing? Even suggest such a thing?”

Zephyr frowned, there was a distress in the god’s voice. “I can only guess this means Thor told you about him, Aura, and Bucky...” A sigh slipped through her lips at his demeanor. “I’ll admit their arrangement is unconventional, but it’s what they want.” Shifting she rest her hands on his shoulder. “I’m sure she would have told you, but Thor wanted to be the one, take the brunt of...” She bit her lip, cutting off her words.

“My anger,” he offered up.

“He figured you’d be upset.” She returned, “are you going to say you weren’t?”

“Lies get us nowhere,” he countered. “I just...” It was his turn to shift, his shoulders slipping away from her hands, so he could turn and look at her. Reaching up, Zee attempted to rest a hand on his cheek, but his help blocked the action, and she withdrew it once more, tilting her head sideways.

With a swift motion, the helm disappeared from the God of Mischief’s head, a smile slipping onto Zephyr’s features, as she could clearly see him once more. “Much better, but,” her hand found it’s mark this time, “you still seem distressed.”

Loki’s hand wrapped around the tips of her fingers, “if he cannot hold her attention. What hope do I have?”

“Is that what you are worried about?” Zephyr looked deep into emerald eyes. “You are not Thor, and I am not Aurora. We will forge our own path, together, in our own way. Just you and me.”

Loki looked at her for a moment before speaking, “and when you sneak way to Avenger’s Tower?”

“You have nothing to fear,” Zephyr returned.

Shifting once more, Loki took the teens hand from it’s resting place, and gathered her other into his hand as well. His other hand clasped close around something. “It is not much,” lifting his hand up, he let a chain fall from his grasp, at the end of it a small rectangle swung back and forth.

Slipping her hands from his, she grasped the carved image between her fingers, examining the two snakes entwined around each other. “I think it’s beautiful.”

“It may be a bit enchanted as well,” he offered up, catching her eyes once more. “If you find you are in need of my company,” he began, licking his lips slightly, his nerves threatening him. He could take over a city, demand obedience, but the being before him somehow shook him to his core. “Hold it tightly, and call out to me. I will come.”

Zephyr flushed, remembering the last night he showed up unexpected, when she had just queried Artemis about summoning gods. “Thank you,” she returned, “I promise not to abuse the privilege...Too much,” a slight laugh followed her words.
<< Midnight in Paris Complicated  >>

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Awww, that is a very sweet and useful gift. *smiles*

No...I'm pretty sure there's no one like me. *laughs slightly*  He has nothing to worry about.  Admittedly, I am a bit, um, boy crazy. *teeth tugs on lower lip*  I'm beginning to think that such a trait is more troublesome the older I get.  It's no longer a game...The feelings are real, as are the hearts that could potentially get broken. *sighs*  Remember when I said Hades' daughter doesn't have a heart?  I lied.
8/31/2018 8:38:58 PM Edited
ryn:  *nods* You're right, Zee.  Thor isn't always wise, but he is honorable.  Plus, he would have to know it would incur Loki's wrath to no end. *laughs*

Polyamory at its finest. *giggles*  Do you think my mom would be impressed if I told her this was an option she could have had between her, my father & Persephone?

I believe you and him will be just fine. *nods* *smiles*
9/1/2018 6:02:27 PM