Zephyr Nolan
Age: 18
Gender: F
Location: Lost in the Desert
State: Arizona
Country: United States

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Midnight in Paris 8/26/2018 7:48:00 PM
<< Who you are I will come >>
As she descended the stairs from her room, Zephyr could hear voices coming from the kitchen. Pausing a moment, she could pick up the tones of her mother and Loki, but not quite understand what was being said. Taking a deep breath, then letting it out, she stepped off the final stair, and stepped through the entryway into the kitchen. Green eyes feel on the demigoddess, “stunning.”

“Thanks,” Zephyr could feel herself flush under his gaze.

“You two have a good time now,” Chloe smiled, as Zephyr nodded to her mother, and took the arm Loki had offered her, then she ushered them to the door.

Once outside, the purple haired girl looked around, “do we need to take my car?” She hadn’t given any thought in how the god traveled, or how they would travel together prior.

“No, I can take us both where we need to go,” Loki began, “unless you’d rather...”

Zephyr shook her head, “no, that’s fine. It’ll be, interesting...An adventure.”

“Are you hungry now? Or...”

“I can wait a bit,” she returned with a smile.

“A walk then?” Loki indicated the vast desert before them.

“I’d like that,” Zephyr nodded.

They walked a few steps, through the shifting sands, past some of the scattered bits of foliage. “So why the desert?” Loki asked, reaching out to run his fingers carefully along a large saguaro.

“Less conductivity,” Zephyr returned, “worse thing I”m going to do out here is blow up a cactus,” her words punctuated with a slight laugh.

“Do you like it?”

Glancing up at the stars starting to appear in the sky, “I do. I could use more trees, but there are places to find them. Arizona has just about everything, if you know where to look. Even snow, if you like that kind of thing,” her tone indicating she was less than a fan of the white powder.

“Guessing no on the snow for you,” there was a hint of laugh in Loki’s words.

“Maybe a little, here and there,” Zephyr countered, “but wouldn’t want to live in it full time. I’ve been caught in a storm before. Being snowed in somewhere is not fun,” she shook her head in emphasis.

Loki nodded in understanding, “do you like animals?” Zephyr nodded in response. “What kind?”

“Pretty much all of them,” the demigoddess began, “I do adore coyotes though. Hence my meat brick at home. He’s not full-blooded, of course, lots of pit in that one.” A smile crossed her lips, “but he’s still a coydog.”

“He’s a very nice dog.”

“Susceptible to being lured out in to the desert in the middle of the night,” she finished with a slight snicker.

Loki raised a brow, glancing around their surroundings, “looks like you are too.”

“Touché. Okay, I won’t give him a hard time about it anymore,” she returned, “do you like animals?”

The God of Mischief nodded, “Asgard had some beautiful wolves. Some lovely snakes as well.”

“I like snakes too,” Zephyr began, “their movements are much like mine when I dance,” she punctuated her words, slipping away from Loki, her body moving effortlessly in belly dance fashion, “or, I guess, my movements are like theirs,” she finished with a laugh.

“Elongate,” the word slipped out quietly, as Loki  watched her movements. After a moment, and shaking himself slightly, back to his senses, he began anew, “where shall we dine tonight? Anywhere you wish.”

“French sound good?”

A grin broke out upon the Trickster’s lips, as he offered her is arm once more. “I have the perfect place.” In an instant they disappeared from the desert, only to reappear in another location, seemingly flawlessly and somehow without arousing suspicions among the people they just emerged around.

Zephyr looked around, eyes wide, mouth agape, especailly after catching sight of what appeared to be the Eiffel Tower in the distance. “Are we...” She began, trying to rationalize what her mind was telling her, “are we in Paris?”

“Yes,” Loki returned with a slight nod, “can you think of a better place to get French cuisine?”

“I suppose not,” Zephyr returned, slightly breathless with awe.

Loki located a small cafe, where to two of them could sit on a veranda while they enjoyed their meal. After eating, the two strolled through the streets of Paris, taking in some of the sights.

“So,” Zephyr asked, musing, “if I had said Italian food?”

“Italy,” Loki replied without missing a beat.



“And we would be...”

“Enjoying a gondola ride through the canals right now. Would you like?” He raised a brow in question.

“No,” she began with a laugh, “this is good. Maybe next time,” she bit her lips, feeling herself flush.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Loki returned, leaving Zephyr wondering of his seriousness. Stopping at the end of the street, he turned to face her, “back to Arizona then?” She nodded slightly, hating the idea of leaving, but knowing the night could not last forever. “Very well then.”

In an instant Paris had disappeared, to be replaced by the inside of the mesa cave the demigoddess had carved out. Where the inside of the mesa should have been dark, instead it was lit up with carefully placed lights. Zephyr looked around, amazed, “how?”

“A bit of sorcery,” Loki replied, “that’s all.”

“That’s all?” Awe still clung to her words, “it’s amazing.”

“It’s nothing,” Loki insisted. “Now,” he facing her, he held both her hands in his, lifting them up slightly. “Ready to try some shifting?”

Zephyr’s eyes grew wide, started by the remembrance of what this evening was all about. “Uh...”

Loki’s emerald eyes looked at her intensely. “You can do this. I have faith. Let me see,” dropping her hands down, and stepping closer, he placed a hand on her cheek, images flashed between the two of them. The young goddess, running with her sister, trying to keep up with her hunting dogs. An older version of the goddess, watching the coyotes race along the edge of the desert. A smile found it’s place upon the Tricker’s lips. “How about a coyote?”

“I guess,” the demigoddess’s top teeth tugged at her bottom lip, nerves twisting inside.

“Close your eyes,” his voice was barely more than a whisper, “now just think...Concentrate.”

Zephyr tried to do as she was told, closing her eyes, and concentrating, but finding she was unsure of herself. “I can’t.”

“Try again.”

Taking in a breath, she attempted to will herself to change, but it wasn’t coming. “I just can’t.”

“Let me help,” his voice was in her ear, his hands on her shoulders, and she could feel a surge of energy pass between them. “Now try again,” he spoke, stepping away from her again.

Zephyr took in another breath, feeling it radiate through her, feeling her intention move along her muscles and sinew, and in what seemed like a flicker in time, the demigoddess had transformed. Opening coyote eyes, they looked up at where Loki stood above her. “I knew you could do it,” the god told her, “back now.”

With another breath, Zephyr found herself standing before Loki once more. “What did you do?”

“A little transferred energy,” he shook his head, “just to get you past your block. You can, and will, be able to do it on your own.”

“I don’t know...”

“I do,” Loki reassured her, “my energy will only last for a little while. Practice, and then you will be able to do it, without my aid.”

Blue eyes looked at him, “why would you do this?”

“Because you fascinate me,” Loki began. “Your energy, your quick mind. The grace with which you move.” His eyes locked with hers, “Aura has always spoken highly of you, and I see she was not wrong. I also see,” he paused, bringing his hand to rest upon her cheek once more, “someone who sees me. You ask hard questions, and I can tell you the truth.”

“You didn’t tell me you could teleport,” a slight smirk slipped onto the demigoddess’s lips, which was met with one on the god’s.

“Couldn’t just tell you everything,” Loki returned. “Besides, how did you think I got around?”

Zephyr shook her head slightly, feeling the palm of Loki’s hand rub against her cheek. “Guess I hadn’t thought about it.”

Learning forward, Loki’s forehead rest upon Zephyr’s. “You have invaded my thoughts since that night at Aura’s...Perhaps before...”

“Admittedly,” Zephyr began, “I have found myself thinking about you as well.”

A smile slipped onto the Trickster’s lips, “I am glad to hear that.”

“Are you?”

With one hand still on Zephyr’s cheek, Loki rested his other on her side. “Tonight, before you came downstairs, I asked your mother’s permission to court you, if this is something you desire.” Emerald eyes looked at her, raw emotion shining in them. “Do you?”

“Yes,” Zephyr’s voice barely a whisper as her breath was caught in her throat.

Loki’s lips found the demigoddess’s, kissing her gently. “You have made me a happy god indeed.”
<< Who you are I will come >>

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Readers Choice
Awww...Oh, my goodness...Beyond being a charmer, Loki truly has such a respectable demeanor.  Seriously, to ask Aunt Chloe if he could court you...My heart just wants to implode. *giggles*  I am so happy for you, Zee. *hugs you*

And to Paris for dinner?  That is amazing! *grins*

Another great thing about tonight was you being able to shift!  How awesome. *nods*

We'll talk about where I can find snow another time. *snickers*
8/26/2018 8:02:54 PM Edited
ryn:  *shakes head* Guess he figured Bucky may be the Winter Soldier, but he's still mortal.  *smirks* I'm pretty sure my soldier would have showed him otherwise.

*frowns* Yeah...I am not happy with Steve, right now.  Best friend or not, that doesn't give him the right to snoop into our records.

*smiles* I think I like this one, Sis...A lot.
8/30/2018 8:28:50 PM Edited