Zephyr Nolan
Age: 18
Gender: F
Location: Lost in the Desert
State: Arizona
Country: United States

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<< Que Sera, Sera Midnight in Paris >>
“How do you summon a Norse God?” Zephyr sat at the head of her bed, runes scattered across the blanket in front of her.

“How do you summon a Greek one?”

“I try really hard not to,” the purple haired demigoddess replied, “they just keep showing up on their own, uninvited.”

Zephyr and Artemis broke into laughter, the later scratching Peyote behind the ears, “you great beast, what would it take for me to lure you away?”

“No way,” Zee shook her head, “that’s my meat brick, you find one of your own.”

The Goddess of the Hunt grinned, “you are lucky I like you, or I would have to steal him away.”

“I have enough problems, don’t take my dog too.”

“Why not just have Aurora talk to him?” Artemis questioned.

Zephyr fiddled with the runes, “I could, but...” The demigoddess let out a sigh, “I don’t want to impose. We are really connecting. I mean, we’ve always gotten along when we were together, but now...” She spent a moment thinking about the past couple months with her cousin living in the area, “it’s like we are so much closer than just cousins, or even friends. It’s like...”

“You have another sister?” Artemis asked, “one you actually asked for?” The goddess wore a slight smirk.

“You know I don’t mind you,” Zephyr returned, “and half the muses.” Then the teen nodded, “but yeah, like I have a sister, one that understands more of what it’s like...Living in this world, living in a degree of secrecy...” A smile touched her lips, replaced with a sigh, “I cannot impose on that. I’ll figure this out on my own.”

Meanwhile, as Zephyr’s mother was tidying up around the kitchen, there was a knock at the door. Opening the door Chloe came face to face with the God of Mischief, who looked as if he was feeling quite out of place. “Eh, er...Zephyr...Is she to home?”

A slightly amused smile found it’s place on Chloe’s lips, “she’s upstairs. I believe with one of her sisters.” Glancing towards the direction of the stairs, Zephyr’s mother called to her, “Zee, you have company.”

“Everyone knows where to find me!” The teen called back, rolling her eyes.

Downstairs Chloe looked at Loki with a raised brow, “do you?”

“I was a cat once,” he uttered, as if that explained everything, to which the woman indicated for him to go ahead.

A few moments later, another knocked sounded, this on on Zephyr’s bedroom door. “It’s open,” the teen muttered.

The door opened slowly, Loki, dressed in his black suit, stepped cautiously across the threshold. “I am not disturbing anything, am I?”

Artemis glance from the newcomer to Zephyr, and whispered, “is that?” To which she received a nod. “Well, apparently all you had to do was think really hard,” the goddess finished with a snicker.

“Hush,” Zee hissed at her sister.

The goddesses eyes scanned the man before her approvingly. “If I wasn’t chaste, you might have to worry.”

“Artemis!” Zephyr huffed, earning another snicker for the goddess. Shaking her head, the teen sighed before making introductions. “Loki, my sister, Artemis. Artemis, Loki, the Norse God of Mischief.”

“Goddess of the Hunt, and Moon, among other things, if I am correct,” he nodded slightly to Artemis.

“You are,” Artemis returned, then glanced back over to where Zee sat, “I really don’t know what Ares is complaining about. It’s not like he’s ignorant of things outside his own pantheon.”

“Enough Artemis, really,” Zephyr looked at her pointedly, “weren’t you just going?”

The goddess snickered, as she got up from the foot of the bed, “I was, I was. I’ll give dad your best, and a hug to Heph.”

“Thanks,” Zee returned, followed quickly by Artemis seeming to shimmer out of existence. Glancing around, she remembered the runes scattered around her bed, and did her best to gather them up. “I’m sorry I failed to keep Aura from hurting herself,” Zephyr began, “but you know how she is...Always wanting to play with the big boys.”

Reaching down, Loki retrieved one of the runes from the bedspread, looking it over before speaking, “I’m not here about Aura actually.”

“Oh?” Zephyr returned, eyes widening slightly, her lower lip catching between her teeth.

“But despite what you said,” he glanced down at the rune in his hand, “it looks as if I did disrupt something.”

“No, not really,” Zee shook her head, “just...Trying to learn something new. To which, Artemis was absolutely no help, what-so-ever.”

“May I then?” Green eyes looked down at her with the inquiry, to which she could only manage to nod. “This,” he held up the rune stone, which appeared to be marked with an X, between long, slender fingers, “is Gebo. It’s the rune of partnership, often seen as a gift, an offering from the gods to loyal followers,” his eyes dropped for a moment, remembering he still had not procured anything for the girl as he had wished to.

“A gift, from the gods?” Zephyr questioned, reaching for the rune herself, her fingers brushing his, small sparks discharging in the exchange. “Sorry,” she muttered, flushing.

“Don’t be,” Loki returned, “never be ashamed of who you are.” Sapphire and Emerald eyes met. “Is that the only gift bestowed upon you by your father?”

Zephyr furrowed her brow a moment, “the sparks?”

“The lightening,” Loki corrected her, setting the rune aside, he took her hand, examining it much as a gypsy fortune teller might while reading ones palm. “Aurora has her portals,” he shuddered slightly with remembrances of the other demigoddess’s early accidents, “she is fairly skilled at learning magic.” He looked up into her face once more, “your father, if I am remembering my knowledge of the Greeks correctly, is quite the shape shifter.”

“Uh, yeah...You could say that,” she made a face, knowing full well Greek mythology being full of Zeus’s antics, his chasing of goddess, demigoddess, and mortal women alike, to be rebuffed, only to use trickery and shape shifting to get what he wanted.

A slight smirk crept along the raven haired god’s lips, “we aren’t all so bad.”

“You sure about that?”

Loki snickered slightly, “okay, I’ve had my moments, but...” His look sobered some, “have you ever tried?”

“Tried?” Zephyr’s brow furrowed.

“To shape shift,” Loki returned, as if it should have been obvious. Zee went to speak, but closed her mouth when she realized her words were lost, and such thoughts as he was presenting had never crossed her mind. “I’ll take that as a no. Hopefully the only one.” The demigoddess continued to sit quietly, her mind slowly trying to put all her thoughts back into place. “Let me show you.”

“I...” She had seen many looks on the Trickster’s face over the past couple months, but there was something more shining in his eyes at the moment, something nearly irresistible. “Uh...Sure...”

“Sure?” He raised a brow.

“Yes,” Zephyr nodded.

“Good, good,” he nodded, and let out a breath of air that he had somehow managed to be holding onto. “First though, I think it wise for me to get to know you a bit better,” he continued, “to get a better idea of what we are working with. So,” he glanced around, as if trying to think, “dinner, this weekend? Yes?”

The demigoddess’s thoughts were still swirling, and this newest request wasn’t helping her mind to think any clearer, and she was sure she could feel herself flush to the point she had to have been red by then. “Uh...Yes...”

“Okay,” he nodded, “that’s settled then. I shall come and fetch you. Until then...” He retrieved the rune once more, placing it in her hand, closing her fingers around it, and gently bringing them to his lips. In an instant, he too had disappeared from her room.

“Can’t anyone just use the door like normal people?” Zephyr muttered, “wait...What?” She shook her head. “What just happened here?” She looked down where Peyote still lay, his brown eyes looking back up at her. “Am I going to dinner with Loki?” The coy dog answered her question with a resounding bark. “Well then...Gods...I have nothing to wear!”
<< Que Sera, Sera Midnight in Paris >>

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You know, we've dodged a couple bullets...Artemis being chaste, Apollo being a guy (and Thor not interested in the same sex *laughs*).
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